Slay the Spire 2, Vampire Survivors meets Contra, and other “Triple-i” games
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Slay the Spire 2, Vampire Survivors meets Contra, and other “Triple-i” games

in great shape , Norland is a game that conveys its intentions well through screenshots.

hooded horse

Triple-I Initiative There's a gaming showcase that achieves this, and is in on the joke too.

What Triple-Eye understands is that most gaming “showcases” are filled with corporate fluff, last too long, and often hinge around a few big titles. Triple-Eye's first event on Wednesday delivered more than 30 game trailers and teases in the space of 45 minutes, and they all held constant intrigue. There were some big names with some big studios associated with them, and the definition of “Triple-I” is quite vague, perhaps intentionally. But there were a lot of games worth paying attention to, especially on PC.

What kind of sports? The announcement on Triple-Eye's website reads that “it may contain traces of evil people.” At a breakpoint in the showcase, the omniscient text narrator notes that “there are only a few more rogue-lites (promised).” Triple-Eye was full of rogues, rogues, survivalists, city-builders, deckbuilders. Hades-Like, 16-bit-esque platformer, vampire survivors And its offspring, turn-based strategy, and then a car that sometimes has legs. There are strong trends in indie and indie-adjacent gaming, but there are also some real surprises.

Inaugural Triple-I Initiative Showcase.

If you want a whole bunch of Steam Wishlist ideas, go ahead and check out the whole thing. But here's a cheat sheet of the latest titles and notable updates that I found most interesting.

<em>slay the spire 2</em> The look and card-based game remains the same as the original, but with new mechanics in store.” src=”” width=” 1920″ height=”1080″/><figcaption class=

kill peak 2 Its look and card-based gameplay remains the same as the original, but new mechanics are in store.


kill peak 2The sequel to the 2019 game that launched hundreds of roguelike deckbuilders has announced its existence. a glimpse In which there was no card. But check out the Steam page and you'll see that the ironclad and silent characters of the original will return along with The Necrobinder, a skeleton wielding a sickle and glowing with undead flame. According to the developers, the game has been completely rewritten from the original with brand new visuals and “modern features”. The only bad news is the timing: it's launching in early access in 2025.

<em>dinolords</em>.” src=”” width=”1920″ height=”1080″/><figcaption class=


ghost ship publications

dinolords ,trailer) Have you build a village in medieval England, fortify it and train your soldiers to resist Viking invaders. It's a game that has been made before, except there are dinosaurs in these robbers' dens. They'll run right through the walls and eat your stupid villagers. Stegosaurus would swing its bared tail in a circle and drop a dozen of them.

Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns DLC Trailer.

Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns DLC feat. Adverse If you're familiar with the original that tells you everything you need to know. The “Bullet Heaven” auto-shooter will get 11 new characters, 22 new weapons, new stages (some of them with a very side-scrolling perspective), and lots of music remixes inspired by the “Bullet Hell” classic. Adverse, This is downloadable content that will arrive on May 9th.

evil prince of persia Trailer.

evil prince of persia The publisher is from Ubisoft, which generally doesn't produce “indie” even at “iii” level. But developer Evil Empire, one of the two teams behind the rogue-lite action classic dead cellsgoing to take prince of persia License in evil directions. As you might expect, you'll jump, you'll fight impossible beauties, and you'll absolutely die. The art style is attractive, and the changes from time to time should open up more perspectives. The expected release date is May 24.

Norland Release date trailer.

NorlandComing on May 16th, invokes its inspirations rimworld And crusader king Right up front on its Steam page, and I believe it. The game looks like a fun mix of silly, serious, strategic, and oh-my-god-everything-shattering chaos, along with some ruling-class anxieties. Dirty, brutal, short, but also very funny?

In no particular order, some other highlights from Triple-I:

  • danger of rain 2 Getting some free content, a “Devotional Update”, which includes some dead cells Skin.
  • kill the knight A brutal, dark, grim isometric game, but your demonic knight has guns.
  • Lesara: Summit Kingdom Takes city builders and Civ games to new heights, literally, on the mountains, where you deal with avalanches and sky bridges.
  • cataclysmoFrom night raider Friends, is a brick-by-brick castle builder and defense game.
  • darkest dungeon 2 Getting a new play mode, “Kingdoms”.
  • which car? Have you played car with your feet? Sometimes you run, sometimes you cook. It's silly time on September 5th.
  • palworld Arena mode is getting sometime in 2024.
  • Mice“Some kind of Mickey Mouse is now public domain” first-person shooter, actually sounds more interesting than my sarcastic introduction section.
  • we risingOpen-world vampire game launches with early access on May 8th Castlevania legacy Foreigner. Ultimately, you can (literally) take down holier-than-thou Simon Belmont.

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