Statement from Liz Clark, CEO of the Health and Fitness Association…
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Statement from Liz Clark, CEO of the Health and Fitness Association…

Liz Clark, President and CEO of the Health & Fitness Association, released the following statement today to honor the life of Valdir Soares, founder of Fitness Brazil and longtime industry leader in Brazil and internationally:

“Waldier Soares was a stalwart as an advocate, teacher, mentor and spokesperson for the international community of the health and fitness industry in Brazil and around the world.

“One of the most valuable and long-lasting alliances is between the Health & Fitness Association and our partner, Fitness Brazil, and the co-branded conference and trade show known as IHRSA Fitness Brazil. Valdir deserves much credit for the strength and longevity of this relationship.

“From The New York Times and other top media outlets to government officials and industry events throughout Latin America and the world, Valdir was proud to share his fellow citizens' success, growth and belief that exercise and activity are not for show. But about a lifelong commitment to improving your physical and mental health.

“Waldier will be missed and he leaves a big void to fill. The Health & Fitness Association will share additional stories and memories about Valdir in the May issue Club Business International To promote his legacy. We offer our condolences to his family, friends, colleagues and the Latin American industry at large.”

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