SAFE Banking Act endorsed by National Conference of State Legislatures

Three key points of the TDR regarding the National Conference of State Legislatures and the Secure Banking Act: The push for the SAFE Banking Act is gaining momentum with significant support. National Conference of State Legislatures Supports SAFE Banking Act The economic impact of the SAFE Banking Act could be transformative for the cannabis industry. […]

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Masaba Gupta's health and fitness regimen during pregnancy

Famous fashion designer and actor Masaba Gupta recently shared the exciting news on social media with her husband Satyadeep Mishra that they are expecting a little one. Congratulations have been pouring in for the parents-to-be from fellow celebrities and fans. As she embarks on this new journey, Gupta focuses on maintaining her health and fitness. […]

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Stay active at your desk for both health and productivity

According to doctors at the United States-based Mayo Clinic, so-called “active workstations” not only help desk-bound workers get some exercise, but also boost brain power and potentially productivity. Placing a walking pad, bike, or stepper in front of the computer does not reduce “work performance,” but may help make desk jockeys more effective. And just […]

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Colorado Senate passes bill that could ban social media users who post positive posts about drugs, including legal psychedelics

Colorado's Senate has approved a sweeping social media bill that would, among other provisions, address certain controlled substances, such as state-legal psychedelics, certain marijuana products and even some over-the-counter cough syrups. This could force platforms to ban users for talking positively online. , The legislation, SB24-158—a comprehensive proposal related to Internet age verification and content […]

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