Masaba Gupta's health and fitness regimen during pregnancy
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Masaba Gupta's health and fitness regimen during pregnancy

Famous fashion designer and actor Masaba Gupta recently shared the exciting news on social media with her husband Satyadeep Mishra that they are expecting a little one. Congratulations have been pouring in for the parents-to-be from fellow celebrities and fans.

As she embarks on this new journey, Gupta focuses on maintaining her health and fitness. Exercising early in the morning on the beach has become a part of her prenatal routine. Going to the sand instead of the gym has many benefits. Running on a soft surface at this stage has less impact on the joints and is easier on the joints. Plus, the sea breeze and natural surroundings provide a sensory experience that can't be beat.

In addition to the beautiful setting, exercising on the beach burns more calories due to the uneven terrain that engages multiple muscle groups for stability. This targeted resistance training helps strengthen the glutes, core and ankles in a low-impact way. Simply walking or jogging on sand requires more effort than a similar workout indoors.

Being in the great outdoors also gives the mom-to-be plenty of vitamin D and fresh air, which helps with overall health. Studies show that spending time in nature reduces stress while sea air therapy improves lung function. From volleyball to swimming laps, the beach invites variety to keep the workout from getting tiring.

Of course, safety is the top priority. Sun protection, proper footwear and staying hydrated help Gupta get all the benefits of coastal fitness while protecting her growing baby bump. With a balanced diet and a growing support system, she looks like a mother-to-be in every way. Fans can't wait to welcome the new couple as this power couple launches into parenthood.

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