Dragon’s Dogma 2’s Sphinx Shows The Game’s Best And Worst
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Dragon’s Dogma 2’s Sphinx Shows The Game’s Best And Worst

off the beaten track dragon's dogma 2away from the safety of roads, a creature unlike anything else the game has presented. The Sphinx is a unique animal as it does not challenge the player through combat; Rather, she challenges you to a game of wits. This is a series of puzzles that test and expand your knowledge of the game dragon's dogma 2's design, both its successes and its disappointments. I can't help but love it.

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taking inspiration from classical Greek Mythical creature, version of the Sphinx dragon's dogma 2 Tasks you with answering complex puzzles. There are five in total that can be tackled in any order, forcing you to think about a specific system in the game. To talk about why I think these do or don't work, I'd have to spoil the solutions, so if you haven't met the creature yourself face to face, head north to the hill temple. Go to Ancient Battlegrounds before reading further.

The three puzzles that Sphinx challenges you to solve are fairly simple, but reward understanding of the key pillars of the game. For example, the eye puzzle might make you want to fight through a dungeon, while you can complete it within seconds of passing through the entrance. To solve it requires you to pay close attention to your surroundings, in a game that must be taken into account at all times, whose world hides meaningful secrets under every rock.

Meanwhile, the riddle of madness reminds you that your Pawns (NPC party members) are your best friends and are always there to help you. Finally, The Riddle of Conviction is particularly interesting in how it asks you to sacrifice a rare item, with no promise that you'll get it back. After earning a rare Portcrystal from the previous puzzle, I put my money where my mouth was and made it to the Sphinx. The Sphinx rewarded my conviction, doubling my delivered item and refunding it to me. through this, dragon's dogma 2 Reminds you that you need to be willing to take risks and make sacrifices, but your conviction will often be rewarded.

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But I really want to talk about the two remaining puzzles presented by the Sphinx, the puzzle of intellect and the puzzle of memory. These present the toughest challenge, but one that succeeds by rewarding players who are fully engaged with the world and game design. dragon's dogma 2, while the second will leave even the most dedicated players scratching their heads. The puzzle of memory seems the scariest, because it puts you on the clock. You have seven in-game days to return to the site where you found your first Seeker Token. This is a challenge that no guide can help you solve. There are 240 Seeker tokens in the game, and each player will get their first token in a different location. The puzzle of memory asks you, “Are you really paying attention to what you are doing?” It is difficult but not unfair and succeeding in the challenge is extremely satisfying.

On the other hand, I hate intelligence puzzles. The Sphinx asks you to find her parents, which is mysterious, but these are puzzles after all. The point is that the solution is incredibly specific and hard to locate, requiring you to hire a pawn called a “Sphinx Parent” and bring them to the Sphinx. The piece in question must be summoned from a specific type of Rift, the Rift of Fellowship. There are only a few of these on the game map. And while on the surface it seems that the puzzle of intelligence is no more complicated or unreasonable than other puzzles, I don't think that's quite true.

Every puzzle outside of Riddle of Wisdom asks you to understand how the game wants you to interact with it. You can give an item or present a pawn to the Sphinx for the Conviction and Madness puzzles respectively. Even recollection puzzles ask you to recall something you definitely did. However, solving the puzzle of wisdom depends on whether you will eventually find the rift of the Fellowship, which requires luck, exploring every corner of the map, or a guide. Even the Sphinx of myth asked only one riddle which everyone could answer only on the basis of life experience! Oedipus did not need to explore all of Greece to solve it.

dragon's dogma 2Despite the fact that exploration is where most of the fun of the game happens, it is not a game that generally forces you to do everything. The Sphinx represents the game's developers testing you, and most of the time it works and largely reflects the joyful friction of the game. But the riddle of intelligence fails to live up to it. This is only one of five puzzles, and represents a small amount of negative friction in the game, but the experience is jarring nonetheless.


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