AI showdown: How Samsung's Galaxy S24 AI tools compare to Google, Apple

Samsung's new Galaxy S24 series phones are packed with new AI features. Some, like Circle to Search, seem useful, while others, like Generative Edit, may bend reality. These tools are part of Galaxy AI, a suite of features and utilities that can perform a wide range of tasks to simplify day-to-day activities, help productivity, and create content.

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Galaxy AI is Samsung's effort to fortify its S24 series with software features that are powered by generative AI, which went mainstream last year when OpenAI's ChatGPIT chatbot went viral. Samsung and its rivals are betting that AI can breathe new life into the stagnant smartphone industry, whose sales have been slowing for several years.

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The Galaxy 24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra each feature Galaxy AI, which Samsung bills as a “comprehensive mobile AI experience.” These AI-based features (many of which are powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip) are detailed below. But Samsung is not alone in its AI ambitions. Here's how some of Galaxy AI's biggest features stack up against Samsung's two biggest rivals, Google and Apple.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Live translation works during a phone call between two people speaking different languages. Translation is done in real time.

John Kim/CNET

Samsung Galaxy S24 AI Features

Live translation: Samsung's new Live Translation tool is perhaps the company's most exciting AI feature. As the name suggests, this tool can translate live phone calls between two different languages ​​into voice and text in real-time. Live Translate supports 13 languages ​​and 17 dialects, allowing two people to have a basic conversation even if they don't speak the same language. (Voice recorder has Transcribe Assist that also translates.)

interpreter: It's similar to Live Translate, but it focuses on translating a conversation into just the text that's shown on the split-screen. The scene is arranged so that the people talking stand face to face and can read a text transcription of what the other person has said. It works even without cellular data or Wi-Fi.

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Look at this: 'Circle to Search' lets users Google from any screen

Circle to find: You can start a Google search for anything on the screen by circling it with your finger or Samsung's S Pen stylus. You long press the Home button and then circle, highlight, write, or tap any part of the image or video or any part of the text, and you'll immediately start searching. For example, if your friend sends a travel photo, you can use the circle to learn more about the landmark he or she is standing in front of. Or circle their shoes to learn the brand name and even call up the link to purchase them.

Chat Help: This feature helps in writing and is integrated into the keyboard. It is available when you are composing messages, emails, social media posts and more. As you type your message, Chat Assist analyzes it and can change the text so that its tone is the way you want it. Let's say you need to send a polite message to a coworker – you can choose a professional version of the message you're typing. Or let's say you were typing and wanted your text to be a short, catchy phrase for a social media caption – you can select #social and your phone will generate a version of your text in that style.

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Generative editing: This generative AI feature lets you make realistic edits to your photos, just like you can do with the Google Pixel 8's Magic Editor. You can delete the object and the generative edit will fill in the background where the object once was. All images that have major AI changes will get a watermark in the metadata to indicate this. But small edits like removing reflections will not get watermarked.

Note Help: The feature creates AI-generated summaries of notes and also translates and formats files in Samsung's Notes app. Additionally, it creates digital covers for notes to make them easier to identify with a brief preview.

Google Pixel 8 AI Features

When it launched last year, Google's Pixel 8 really started an arms race for General AI in phones. Ahead of Samsung's S24 launch, Google marketed AI as one of the selling points of the Pixel 8. Although generative AI features are a new addition to mobile phones, AI has long been an integral part of tasks like voice recognition and image processing.

Get the best Google Photos editing on Pixel 8 Get the best Google Photos editing on Pixel 8

The best tech on Pixel 8 helps capture a perfect photo of a group of people. It uses AI to let you replace a different shot of a person's face with another image in the same photo series.

James Martin/CNET

Choosing the Galaxy S24's feature suite or the Pixel 8's tools probably comes down to personal preference. In fact, some of the Galaxy S24's AI-powered features, like Circle to Search, were the result of a partnership between Google and Samsung and will eventually come to the Pixel 8 series.

Magic Editor: uses magic editor Generative AI With AI processing technologies to help people perform complex photo editing easily, without the need for professional skills or expensive third-party apps. This goes far beyond polishing and polishing photos, although that's part of it. You can change the location of people, expand buildings, remove strangers from the background, and even create an entirely new background from scratch.

Take the best: This is one of the most important AI tools in the Pixel 8 lineup. This lets you replace a person's face with another image in a series of photos. If that's what you want, you can create an image where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling and their eyes are not closed.

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Call Screen: Google Assistant answers calls on your behalf to avoid unwanted robocalls or scammers. In the Pixel 8 iteration, the Assistant's voice sounds more natural, and it can understand more context from calls.

Audio Magic Eraser: This tool uses AI to silence or remove unwanted sounds in the videos you record. Whether it's background music or just wind noise, Audio Magic Eraser can target specific sounds you identify.

Where is Apple's iPhone generative AI?

Although iPhones have relied on AI for years to improve camera processing and deliver better-looking photos and videos, Apple's handsets don't natively have the same generative AI features as Google or Samsung's tools. But it wouldn't be surprising if Apple also moves in the same direction.

Changing the focus point of a photo on iPhone 15 Pro Max Changing the focus point of a photo on iPhone 15 Pro Max

After taking a photo or portrait with an iPhone 15 series device, you can change the focus point.

Stephen Beecham/CNET

In fact, it is widely expected that the next iPhone will follow in Google and Samsung's AI footsteps. Rumors suggest that Apple will bring generative AI to its iPhone 16 series in a big way, especially when it comes to making Siri smarter and more capable.

according to boomberg power on Newsletter, iOS 18 will feature General AI technology that “should improve how both Siri and the Messages app can ask questions and autocomplete sentences.”

one september report The information details how Apple plans to use large language models, a key part of generative AI, to make Siri smarter. The report says that the LLM feature is expected to be released with an iPhone software update next year. This timeline will coincide with the September release of Apple's next mobile operating system iOS 18, which is expected to come to the iPhone 16.

Apple is reportedly in active talks with Google to potentially license the company's Gemini AI model to power some of the iPhone 16's generative AI features, including tasks like writing essays and creating pictures after being prompted. Work is included. Only Apple knows how it will implement AI-based tools into the iPhone in the future, but it's clear the iPhone maker is committed to the emerging technology.

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