The first major AI consumer hardware launch is a dumpster fire
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The first major AI consumer hardware launch is a dumpster fire

He attributes part of the current issues revolving around AI pins to the growing problems that plague innovative technology in general. In his view, his team has been using AI PINs effectively for some time, and others will follow suit once they understand it.

“Years ago, I created the first autocorrecting keyboard for the iPhone. There was a lot of skepticism about the concept of a touchscreen keyboard. And yet, when I created the technique, I thought it was worth learning. I saw how there were people in the early group of Apple when the product was still a deep mystery: They got it. With a little time and effort it became easy for them. Obviously, over time, this became easier for most humans on the planet as well.

Their response also indicates frustration about the high bar set by the mass media for human AI pins to meet right out of the gate. As he sees it, the narrative that this hardware was poised to completely replace other technologies and should, therefore, be judged as a success based on that idea alone, pushed AI pins harder than it was worth. Set for investigation. If reviewers paid more attention to how the AI ​​Pin's unique functionality complemented the “daily flow” we already have with technology, perhaps judgments on its execution would be more fair.

“I think today's social media landscape encourages hot takes… and the spicier the better! In fact, it is very easy to find people online who are willing to jump through the hoops of skepticism about the things you are pointing out and poke holes in every little thing,” writes Cosienda.

He explains that being frustrated with consumer technology is part of the field. “Is Ai Pin frustrating sometimes? Yes. Does my laptop and smartphone become frustrating sometimes? Yes! There is no perfect product.”

Cosienda is right about social media encouraging hot tech, but the idea that current criticism stems only from picking holes on “small details” or not understanding how to use a device's new interface is an overstatement of the situation. It is a generous text.

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