Stay active at your desk for both health and productivity

According to doctors at the United States-based Mayo Clinic, so-called “active workstations” not only help desk-bound workers get some exercise, but also boost brain power and potentially productivity. Placing a walking pad, bike, or stepper in front of the computer does not reduce “work performance,” but may help make desk jockeys more effective. And just […]

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Colorado Senate passes bill that could ban social media users who post positive posts about drugs, including legal psychedelics

Colorado's Senate has approved a sweeping social media bill that would, among other provisions, address certain controlled substances, such as state-legal psychedelics, certain marijuana products and even some over-the-counter cough syrups. This could force platforms to ban users for talking positively online. , The legislation, SB24-158—a comprehensive proposal related to Internet age verification and content […]

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Oh no, Hades 2 is already sick as hell to play and it hasn’t even entered early access yet

Wonder! Paatal Lok 2 is finally here and to play, Supergiant's hack-and-slash, flirt-with-gods roguelike is a brief technical test from its Steam Early Access debut. I've battled my way through its starting area and first boss and now I need more. Although it is obviously in an incomplete state, it is still good. like, Really […]

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A cryptocurrency investment that seemed too good to be true ended up costing almost €10,000 – The Irish Times

In late February a reader, we'll call Joan, was on Facebook and found an article that looked like it came from a reputable Irish news source, highlighting how a The iconic Irish television personality has made a huge amount of money after a judiciously placed advertisement. Investing in cryptocurrency. The article was filled with quotes […]

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