Giving Fans the Experience They Deserve: Embedded Finance from Endaria
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Giving Fans the Experience They Deserve: Embedded Finance from Endaria

Today's consumers are comfortable making online payments due to advances in technology and increasing trust in secure payment systems. With the convenience of online shopping and digital transactions, people have embraced the ease of completing purchases with just a few clicks or taps. Indeed, as more financial and non-financial services become embedded in digital solutions, expectations have become higher for services available through a single app. Businesses must innovate and prioritize user experience to meet consumer expectations as well as maintain trust.

Nearly a quarter of banking customers worldwide Those who already have a digital-only bank account, and is projected to reach 70 percent in the next few years. Businesses that provide online payments and member experiences, such as sports clubs, venues and mobility apps, can optimize by incorporating embedded finance solutions such as Andaria In their offerings. Endaria allows non-financial entities to integrate financial services directly into its platforms, reducing dependency on third parties. It revolutionizes the way businesses in the UK and EU operate and engage with their members, delivering strategic benefits and driving revenue growth.

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Legacy payment solutions can limit a business's ability to be agile, causing them to lag behind competitors offering faster, simpler products. By owning a complete payments ecosystem, businesses can significantly reduce transaction costs, improving profits while attracting new customers. Endaria automates tedious processes and reporting, allowing users to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

With Endaria integrated into a company's payments ecosystem or app, customers can create new accounts, generate statements, access personalized products, shop in multiple currencies and use virtual or physical payment cards. can do. Businesses access functions through the Andaria platform, including account and product management, customer onboarding, and branded card issuance. Further processes and actions are available via the web client, such as opening and managing accounts, accessing customer details and facilitating cross-border payments.

A key strategic advantage of Endaria's offering lies in its ability to foster customer loyalty. Through branded debit cards, multi-currency accounts and innovative savings schemes like 'Save Now, Buy Later' (SNBL), companies can encourage spending and reward loyalty to build lasting relationships with their audiences. Are. SNBL, specifically, works by allowing users to set aside funds for a specific goal or purchase, regardless of their credit score. It could be a season ticket, dream merchandise or an exclusive club benefit. SNBL and other incentives drive repeat business and strengthen overall brand affinity and customer engagement. Rebates and savings schemes are particularly valued by consumers affected by the cost of living crisis. In fact, a study by kpmg It was found that 58 percent people are planning to cut 'non-essential' spending in 2024.

Endaria's solution unlocks the value of data insights, providing businesses with valuable information about the spending habits, preferences and behavior of their customer base. Armed with this knowledge, companies can create customized packages tailored to the specific needs of their customers, increasing the overall value proposition and satisfaction.

Endaria's closed- and open-loop payment accounts facilitate global transactions. Accounts, for example, create a shared ecosystem between companies, suppliers and customers through dedicated multi-currency IBANs and bulk payment processing. The flexibility of these accounts allows businesses to customize financial services to meet the specific needs of their members.

Endaria brings a wealth of regulatory expertise, global partnerships and a strong B2B2C focus. Therefore, businesses can avail the benefits of the solution, knowing that they have a trusted partner to deal with the complexities of financial transactions on a global scale.

Endaria provides a reliable and comprehensive solution for businesses in the sports, subscription and mobility industries. Embedded finance, and the streamlined customer experience it provides, is transforming from a luxury to a necessity to meet customer expectations. To learn how Endaria can improve your financial ecosystem and unlock new opportunities, Contact the expert team Today.

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