Ninja Air Fryer Max review: I tested the popular kitchen gadget
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Ninja Air Fryer Max review: I tested the popular kitchen gadget

Air fryers have taken the kitchen by storm over the past few years – so if you're thinking of making a new purchase, don't miss our Ninja Air Fryer Max review.

There's no denying that these handy appliances have revolutionized home cooking, with the Ninja Air Fryer Max emerging as a standout contender.

Promising crispy, guilt-free indulgence, it combines the convenience of air frying (75% less fat than traditional frying methods) with innovative features like Max Crisp Technology.

Marketing itself as a 'family size air fryer', the Max has a 5.2L basket that promises to fit 2kg of chicken or 1.4kg of French fries.

I tried it out myself to see if it was worth the hype, rating it based on its performance, features, and overall value.


Ninja Air Max FryerCredit: Ninja

ninja air fryer max, £169.99 £129


  • Large capacity, perfect for families
  • Six cooking functions including roasting and baking
  • easy to use
  • Uses up to 75% less fat


  • Large in size so you will need counter space for it
  • No designated warm-up button (you have to remember to press the function)
  • Additional functions are great but may not be used as often

Rating: 3.5/5

Ninja Air Fryer Max review: Quick summary

The Ninja Air Max promises to give you crispy results with no splash of oil, thanks to the clever air frying technology.

The old tradition of home frying, which involved dipping potatoes in gallons of oil or boiling the fat in a saucepan for delicious (but highly unhealthy) triple-cooked chips, is long gone.

I'm curious to try out an air fryer, so I decided to try the Ninja Air Fryer Max to see if I could make a delicious throwaway at home.

With an additional 5.2L capacity, the Ninja Air Fryer Max is perfect for feeding the whole family and claims to use 75 percent less fat than traditional frying methods, while being up to 50 percent faster than a fan oven .

It also includes six cooking functions – Air Fry, Max Crisp, Bake, Roast, Reheat and Dehydrate – so any home cook will be hard pressed to make a choice.

Ninja Air Fryer Max review: First impressions

First things first: It's big.

For two people, I might have been better off with a smaller model so I'd argue the Max is better suited for larger families or groups, thanks to the larger fry basket.

This would be perfect for feeding older kids, but you'll want to make sure you have the space to store it first (36cm x25cm x 32cm).

Setting up the Air Fryer Max was fairly painless: You just take it out and plug it in.

There's no assembly to speak of other than just removing the plastic.

Ninja says to let it heat for three minutes each time, which you do by pressing the function button and letting it go.

I personally would have preferred a warm-up button, but it works.

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cooking results

My partner, who helped me with the test, was very pleased with the Max, even declaring 'we'll never have to buy chips again.'

This is partly true, but for those extremely lazy days, there is a separate 'Max Crisp' function for frozen chips if you prefer.

It made light work of turning potatoes into wedges and fries: Home cooks simply have to cut them up, put them in a drawer, and lightly spray them with oil.

Ninja Air Max Fryer


Ninja Air Max FryerCredit: Ninja

ninja air fryer max, £169.99 £129

During cooking, we would open the trays and shake them several times to help prevent them from sticking and ensure they cooked evenly.

When we first did this, we assumed you needed to stop and then continue, but this restarts the clock – you just have to take them out and when you put the tray back in again. The air fryer will continue.

After a twenty-minute wait, we discovered we were having posh pub-quality fat chips. We were pleasantly surprised by the time, because at first we thought it wouldn't be enough time.

The result had all the flavor, crunch and satisfying quality of chips – no empty feeling of a healthy option, but it was satisfying to know we didn't just dunk them in oil.

We've made these several times since we first rolled them out, and I found that the larger chips performed better because there was more room for air to circulate.

extra features

There are also a number of additional functions that are suitable for chefs.

Frozen food can be cooked with the Air Max function, so think perfectly cooked nuggets and frozen chips, all with a super crunchy skin and soft middle.

Bakers can also make cakes in there, but make sure you check the instructions first – you don't want the mixture to go through the holes in the basket. Not to mention, roasting and dehydrating also exist if you want to try something different.

However, although these extra features are great, you're unlikely to use them very often – so when cooking for two I wondered whether it would be better to cook with fewer features and a smaller machine.

Ninja Air Fryer Max review: Final verdict

For those looking for an easy, quick and delicious solution to frying at home, the Ninja Air Fryer is worth a look.

In the end, I would have gone with a smaller model, but any home cook will be pleased with the range offered.

At its usual retail price of £169.99, it's not very cheap, but it's well worth the cash if you use it regularly.

Whether you're a couple, or feeding a large family, it produces some of the best home-made chips I've tried in a long time.

For Fakeaway fans, this is the one for you.

Where can I buy the Ninja Air Fryer Max?

You can purchase the Ninja Air Fryer Max from various online retailers, including Ninja, but please note that it is currently sold out on the Ninja website.

However, fortunately, it is still available from many other stockists. Here are some options:

Is there an alternative to Ninja Air Fryer Max?

The short answer is yes! There are lots of options for the Ninja Air Fryer Max, all offering different features and price points.

One option is the Philips AirFryer XXL, which is renowned for its large capacity (7.2L) and Rapid Air technology, which delivers crispy results with less fat.

the second option is Kosori Air FryerWhich is appreciated for its attractive design, user-friendly interface and wide temperature range.

For those wanting a budget-friendly option, Argos' Instant 3.8L Air Fryer, priced at just £30, is worth considering, providing a 3.8-litre capacity for four portions of fries or a 1.1kg chicken.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your preferences for capacity, features, and budget, so shop around and you're guaranteed to find the right option for you.

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