22 Years Ago, Kingdom Hearts Almost Got Me Grounded For Life

We could hear his flip-flops tapping on the concrete stairs leading to the basement before we could see him. “Shh!” We whispered to each other, both of us adopting casual, seated poses on a sofa dressed to give off an atmosphere of comfort and peace. However, my sister's breathing betrayed us – her chest was rising and falling in large gulps as she tried to catch her breath.

“I know you two are fooling around here,” our mother said, getting down. “Stop it or I'll take away the PlayStation.” She turned on her heel and walked back up the stairs, her flip-flops playing the beat like the beginning of a boss battle score.

We resumed our activities as soon as we heard the creaking of the floorboards above. I stopped Kingdom Hearts And my sister picked up her giant stuffed bear off the ground and started singing and tossing it in the air. This was our ritual – at ages 11 and 8, Kingdom Hearts It was the first video game that challenged us: me, the gamer, and my sister, the viewer. I struggled with the tutorial. I struggled to use its system. I had difficulty flying the gummi ship between locations. I struggled through every boss battle.

Kingdom HeartsSquare Enix's Disney-themed RPG also pulled out final Fantasy Games, was released 22 years ago on March 28, 2002. It was the first game I almost gave up on, and it almost drove my parents crazy.

Goofy, Sora, and Donald Duck stand together in a bright white room.

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Kingdom Hearts This was my first big gaming challenge

Keep in mind this was 2002, before I had access to the Internet, before I knew about printed guidebooks. my parents bought me Kingdom Hearts Because of the Disney connection, and because it seemed innocuous enough in a sea of ​​guns, breasts, and petty crime. But I struggled with Square Enix's RPG, as I wasn't accustomed to its systems and its combat and was still somewhat awkward with the controller.

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Faced with these struggles, my sister, who was usually a passive spectator of my gaming endeavors, had resorted to doing bizarre dances while I played in an effort to appease the gaming gods. If a fight is going bad, I'll tell him to “hold the bear!” And she'll start rolling and jumping with the same grace you'd expect from a slightly gangly third grader. The bear repeatedly hitting the basement ceiling, or knocking over cups of water, or kicking my dog's head, all of which would send us into a state of hysteria that would call my mom. alden ringSpirit calling bell.

For months, this routine consumed us: We'd come home from school at the same time on the same bus, leave our bags at the door, and sprint downstairs to boot up the PlayStation and get something moving. Used to try. Kingdom Hearts, At first, I thought I'd quit after struggling at Wonderland, but I eventually quit Alice in Wonderlandof World. Then, I thought Hercules' The planet would have stoned me, but the ritual of the dancing bears drew me in. It was Clayton in the deep woods tarzanHowever, this world not only threatens to give me up Kingdom Hearts Forever, but keep me and my sister grounded for life.

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You see, everything about the deep woods was fodder for abuse for me and my sister. Delivering Tarzan's lines to two elementary school kids was the funniest thing in the world. And Kingdom Hearts Didn't let you skip cutscenes, so the final boss fight in the Deep Jungle sent us to the beginning 30 second long scene between Sora, Tarzan and Clayton several times a day. This conversation impressed our tender little minds. We yelled “No Clayton” from the school bus windows, yelled “NOOOO” in Sora's exact tone whenever something bad happened, or stomped around like gorillas during Sunday service. we were tarzan-Pilly, and it was driving our parents crazy.

The difficulty of that final boss fight meant that the dancing bear ritual was enacted again and again, its intensity constantly increasing, until we reached the point where the dance would take place across several tiles of the basement ceiling. would be uprooted, or someone would collide with another person and get injured. At full sprint. While my mother clip-cloped downstairs to yell at us, getting angry every time she saw a black void where a tile used to be, my sister was smiling quietly at the bottom of the empty ditch. , or one of us was sitting on the floor, rubbing at the growing lump on our heads. The dismal failure of another attempt at the Clayton boss fight was eclipsed only by the punishment we had to endure for acting like two kids growing up in the woods: 100 lines written in our spiral notebooks, or a Canceled game date, or, worst: a PlayStation ban.

Eventually (I don't remember when or how), I defeated Clayton, and moved on to AladdinAgrabah. Although I struggled less with this part of the game, and the bear ritual was no longer necessary, my sister and I still found ways to be rowdy—namely, thrusting to match the game score while belly dancing— Singing the word fuck loudly, our shirts flipped up and tucked in on themselves to expose our midsection. when i finally lost Kingdom HeartsI don't know who was more relieved: me or my parents.

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