Olympiacos responded to Giannakopoulos' anger on social media: “Enough is enough”
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Olympiacos responded to Giannakopoulos' anger on social media: “Enough is enough”

By Eurohoops Team/info@eurohoops.net

Far from an unusual situation, following a meeting between eternal enemies, Panathinaikos Akter and Olympiacos.

Greens owner Dimitris Giannakopoulos shared several posts on his personal Instagram account on Tuesday. “We gave you at least ten opportunities to comply with what is best for the game but you prefer antics,” He apparently attacked Olympiacos head coach, Giorgos Bartzokas, writing, “I'll send you to the parking area once again.”

After Round 3 of Greece's Stoiximon Basket League Regular Season Top 6 match at OAKA on Monday, Bartzoukas was seen having a heated argument with reigning head coach Ergin Ataman. Panathinaikos regained homecourt advantage by defeating its rival in the domestic league playoffs.

“We call the famous parking valet, who likes to curse his team, players and fans, who likes to threaten referees (Greek and foreign), athletes (active and retired), Prime Ministers and Ministers, the President of Hellenic Basketball The presidents of the federation and the EuroLeague, who leave underwear on the benches, who wish for death, who endanger their fellow citizens by violating the driver's manual, who threaten everyone every day to provoke more. Stop and urge violence. We believe that the state will use the new sports law designed to stop this behavior and eventually give it the largest and most modern indoor stadium in the country, creating conditions of unfair competition or Will stop it instead of changing it. The Reds responded to Giannakopoulos with posts on official social media platforms, “enough is enough.”

Beyond anticipated future meetings at domestic level and in the Basket League, both sides qualified for the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague playoffs and hope to extend their respective continental campaigns to the Final Four.

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