UEX.Finance at Cryptocurrency Exchange Overview
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UEX.Finance at Cryptocurrency Exchange Overview

The cryptocurrency system is characterized by the absence of storing data about the owners of electronic addresses, thus it is impossible to verify the presence of access keys. All transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges are anonymous, as they do not contain information about the owners of the assets. You can pay with cryptocurrencies in online systems, withdraw cash through exchange systems or exchange one type of digital currency for another. But the economic characteristics of cryptocurrency payments are more similar to cash payments than non-cash payments.

Payments using cryptocurrencies take place freely, without resorting to intermediaries. Also, the Participant cannot cancel monetary transactions already made. This means that if there is a glitch in the system or if it is sent to the wrong address, the money will not be refunded. Only the owner of the access key to the cryptocurrency can control electronic funds; It cannot be blocked from third-party resources. Double spending of digital currency occurs using blockchain technology, consensus ledgers and more. Transaction data is not encrypted, it can be found in the public domain; For this it is not necessary to be registered in the electronic system.

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The designation “cryptocurrency” came into use in 2011. Then Forbes magazine published a publication about Bitcoin. The article was titled “Cryptographic currency” – the first mention of such terminology. Initially, the creators and developers introduced the digital currency as electronic cash.

The emission of digital currency is carried out using a special protocol. The system is a lottery: winning depends on various elements:

  • The speed of solving a given task (mining),
  • Amount of resource management (foraging).

In some situations, a part or the entire amount of the digital currency is created by the organizers through an initial public offering (ICO). Often, one of the technologies is used, but some digital currencies can create certain combinations of currencies.

The economic importance and legal status of cryptocurrencies are unclear. Individual states make their own laws regarding understanding and working with digital currency. In many countries it is completely banned by law. Also in some regions, cryptocurrency means a means of payment, an electronic asset or a specific product. There are also some restrictions from the leadership of some countries. For example, the inability to make payments and transactions to banking organizations.

History of formation of cryptocurrency exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange is a trading platform that conducts trading operations with digital currencies. For example, it is the exchange between cryptocurrencies or one type of cryptocurrency for fiat funds. Cryptocurrency exchanges open up opportunities for those who want to transact and make money on assets such as digital currency. Over the past few years, cryptocurrency exchanges have become a large system for working with cryptocurrency assets.

By mid-2013, the software systems of all digital currencies except the Ripple currency were based on developments in the Bitcoin system code. And in July 2013, other systems began to emerge that supported the same platforms. These are exchange trading, retail outlets, instant messengers etc. Here are some examples of these cryptocurrency platforms: Nxt, Mastercoin, BitShares.

Altcoins are all digital currencies that emerged after Bitcoin entered the market. In 2011, Litecoin and Namecoin were released into the market. When developing these currencies, the creators tried to minimize the problems of Bitcoin. Thus, transactions are done more quickly with the help of Litecoin. Namecoin is designed to create an alternative root DNS server.

Most altcoins are similar to Bitcoin in terms of features and tools used in their work. But there are also differences:

  • The Ethereum currency has been reformatted into a cryptocurrency platform.
  • And the digital currency Ripple is a centralized system similar to Bitcoin.
  • The peculiarity of working with Dash is to enhance the principles of anonymity.
  • A type of digital currency is appearing in the market that is derived from another digital currency. Only a few elements have changed which ultimately show the difference between the currencies.

News from the cryptocurrency market is a very small amount of information. A group of investors can raise the rate for a particular digital currency. They agree to contribute a certain amount, which ultimately increases the interest of other market participants who buy this asset at increased prices. This is a good way to make money on market fluctuations. In addition, a price increase is possible if a large corporation starts using digital currency in its payments, or the leadership of a country speaks positively about this or that cryptocurrency (or even documents it at the legislative level). It is important to keep an eye on all these news and react in time, because they have a deep impact on the market.

Trading on a cryptocurrency exchange has several features:

  • If the rate is already high then you should not expect it to increase in the hope of making more profits. So you may suffer loss without any profit.
  • Evaluate trading volume and cryptocurrency capital levels to be prepared for price increases.
  • Analyze the number of orders: If there are few buy transactions and many sell transactions, you cannot sell your asset.
  • You should not sell the property immediately; Wait and keep an eye on the market. There have been periods in the market when the established exchange rate started rising rapidly after a few weeks.

Working with cryptocurrency exchanges requires study of tools, financial literacy and understanding market processes. A trader must be patient, calm and cool minded. It is worth having a fixed amount of money that you are willing to invest without affecting your personal budget. Cryptocurrency is a very profitable asset today, and the number of currencies and projects is increasing every day. Therefore, this market is optimal for studying and testing your strengths in earning additional income and making profits.

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