Fitness diets of our cricketers to keep you motivated
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Fitness diets of our cricketers to keep you motivated

In form of Delhi team The captain may have been fined Rs 12 lakh for slow over-rate, but Rishabh PantThe journey back to the cricket pitch after his shocking car accident in December 2022 has been swift and spectacular. It took just 16 months for the wicketkeeper-batsman to go from being on crutches to making a full recovery. The journey was possible because of high intensity exercise With heavy weights and dumb bells. Rishabh is giving a glimpse of himself workout routine – Power Clean, Rowing, Deadlift – on Instagram almost every week to keep my fans updated about them suitability, Only a week ago, he shared the video of his workout session with the caption: “Stronger with every rep! Every day is a new day!”
Here's a look at how some of our cricketers are staying fit this cricket season.

Virat Kohli
The man whose fitness routine garners as much accolades as his aggressive batting recently talked about the importance of leg workouts. Virat shared a photo of himself doing leg press on social media and wrote, “Every day should be a leg day. 8 years and counting.” In another video, he also talks about the importance of goblet squats, which he calls his favorite exercise for mobility and strength. Goblet squats involve performing squats while holding a dumbbell or kettlebell across the chest. The exercise engages multiple muscles, targets the entire core, and improves grip strength.


hardik pandya
Apart from his gym routine, Mumbai team captain Hardik Pandya relies on yoga to improve his mental health and physical fitness. Top on his list are Surya Namaskar and meditation, besides exercises like Trikonasana, Regular updates of his morning routine which he shares on his Insta account.


Shubman Gill
His hot body and toned abs are as much of a topic of discussion as his aggressive strokeplay on the field. But as his fitness trainer Sagar Dewan explained in a recent magazine interview, maintaining that physique takes a lot of hard work. According to Dewan, Shubman focuses on weight training three to four times a week. Her fitness routine also includes exercises like squats, deadlifts, lunges, step-ups, bench press and chin-ups.

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KL Rahul
For the Team Lucknow captain, outdoor workouts are as important as sweating in the gym. Rahul's outdoor workout routine includes running, swimming and cycling – all cardio exercises aimed at increasing his stamina and flexibility on the cricket field.


Ishan Kishan
The aggressive wicketkeeper batsman of the Mumbai team relies on a mix of high-intensity training, cardio and resistance exercises in the gym to stay fit. He shared as much on a reel that he posted on his social media handle a few weeks ago, titled “Vital Energy”.

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