Rashmika Mandanna found him

India's national crush, Rashmika Mandanna shows how it's done with her latest workout session. Watch for an immediate fitness inspection!

Rashmika Mandanna finds her 'happiest time' in core strengthening workout, hires fitness inspector for lazy Sundays – watch

Rashmika Mandanna She is back to her fitness routine again, as she has been hitting the gym a lot lately. Despite her busy shooting schedule, the actress remains consistent in prioritizing her workout sessions. Rashmika recently shared another video of herself sweating it out, inspiring others with her dedication towards fitness. To keep an eye!

Pushpa The star shared a glimpse of her workout session on her social platform Instagram and wrote, “My happiest time is when I am doing a core strengthening workout.” In the video, Rashmika can be seen doing situps on the yoga mat. For her workout session, the actress wore a simple white T-shirt and red gym trousers. She sported a no-makeup look and a tied-up hairstyle to focus dedicatedly on her cardio training.

Rashmika Mandanna is back for her intense fitness session

Benefits of SITUPS

According to healthlineSitups are classic abdominal exercises performed by lying on your back and raising your torso. They use your body weight to strengthen and tone the abdominal core-stabilizing muscles. Here are some benefits of incorporating situps into your workout routine.

  • Core Strength: Core strength is one of the biggest motivators for doing situps. By strengthening, tightening and toning your core, you reduce the risk of back pain and injuries.
  • Build muscle: Situps build muscle strength in the abdominal and hip muscles. This form of exercise helps in reducing high levels of muscle mass.
  • Improves posture: Situps help build a strong, solid core making it easier to keep your hips, spine and shoulders aligned. Good posture also helps reduce pain and increase energy levels.
  • Increase flexibility: Situps make your hips and back more flexible, increasing mobility and relieving tension and stiffness.

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