‘Such a democratic weapon it makes me cry’: Helldivers 2 players salute the Quasar Cannon, Super Earth’s new heavy armor god gun

It seems like just yesterday I complained that Helldivers 2 didn't have enough guns against automatons. Apparently Arrowhead heard my pleas, because in a surprise update this morning, two new secondary weapons arrived in the Super Earth arsenal: the MG-101 heavy machine gun, and the true talk of the town, the LAS-99 Quasar cannon.

The quasar cannon has amazing effects. Its boxy, imposing body rests on the shoulder, similar to its distant cousin the laser cannon. But unlike laser beam The weapon, the Quasar Cannon, fires one large blast at a time. Mid-charge, the cannon's reticle rotates as its internal mechanisms whir with anticipation. A concentrated ball of energy collects at the end of the barrel, then is released with a light snap followed immediately by a bassy impact. It's a mean machine, and I'm glad it's on our side.

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