Solar Eclipse 2024: NASA's 'Moon' X account blocks 'Sun' account on social media: 'Oops, I did it again'
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Solar Eclipse 2024: NASA's 'Moon' X account blocks 'Sun' account on social media: 'Oops, I did it again'

Courtesy of NASA's Sun and Moon social media accounts A solar eclipse of a different kind occurred on Monday.

A rare and highly anticipated solar eclipse occurred across North America on Monday. 15 states experienced a total eclipse where the Sun was completely covered by the Moon, while all continental states experienced a partial eclipse.

NASA covered the event closely, and the “NASA Moon” X account celebrated it in a unique and humorous way.

The account posted, “Oops, I did it again. #TotalSolarEclipse”, revealing that it had “blocked” the “NASA Sun & Space” account during the eclipse.

The last time a total eclipse was seen in the US was on August 21, 2017.

The solar eclipse will be visible in all 48 continental states on Monday. (Reuters/Henry Romero)

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The post received over three million impressions within a few hours, with many other users appreciating the joke.

“This is the kind of quality content you only get on X!” Libs of TikTok creator Chaya Raichik wrote.

University of Florida marketing instructor Brian Fleming commented, “We like the fun socializing but we like the Britney reference more.”

“Oh snap! #TeamMoon,” said NASA Administrator Laurie Leshin.

“I'm really pleased,” commented Christopher Stanley, SpaceX director of security engineering.

Grand Theft Auto creator Mike Daly declared, “Probably the best tweet ever…Bravo.”

“Bravo,” The News Agents podcast host Jon Sopel agreed.

Baltimore Banner columnist Leslie Gray Streeter wrote, “Top ten lunar stuff. No notes.”

NASA Headquarters Signage

NASA's social media accounts poke fun at each other throughout the solar eclipse. (Celal Gans/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Various NASA accounts have been teasing each other throughout the day leading up to the eclipse. A few hours ago, “NASA Solar System”

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“Today is a total solar eclipse – but whose big day is it? Earth, the Moon and the Sun all want the title! As residents of the Solar System, it's time to do your civic duty – vote for your team! Whose Big day is it?” Read the post.

NASA Moon, NASA Sun & Space, and NASA Earth Account all replied in their own support.

“The Sun has 99.85% of the mass of the Solar System, so we have to at least get the majority in this poll! Let's go #TeamSun!” NASA Sun & Space commented.

“We've got the best view in the solar system for this eclipse! Come on, #TeamEarth!!” NASA Earth wrote.

NASA Moon said, “Vote for #TeamMoon! The Moon is the central player in the #TotalSolarEclipse. It blocks the Sun and casts its shadow on Earth.”

Solar Eclipse

The NASA Moon, NASA Sun & Space, and NASA Earth X accounts commented on the eclipse throughout the day. (iStock)

NASA says the next total solar eclipse won't pass over the US until August 23, 2044, although solar eclipses may still occur several times throughout the year around the world.

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