30 officers complete cryptocurrency and cyber crime training
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30 officers complete cryptocurrency and cyber crime training

Thirty members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) completed a four-day cybercrime and cryptocurrency training program last week.

The training programme, which was sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Saint Lucia, and held at the Police Training Academy in La Toque, was aimed at:
– Provide a fundamental understanding of cryptocurrencies and their operating mechanisms.
– Explore the legal and regulatory framework governing cryptocurrencies.
– Understand the intricacies of the dark web and how it interfaces with cryptocurrency transactions.
– Equip participants with practical investigative skills to detect and analyze cryptocurrency transactions involved in criminal activities.
– Encourage critical thinking through group discussions, scenario-based exercises and practical inquiry sessions.

Course instructor Ruisiang (Shawn) Lin, IT Assistant at the Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) in St. Lucia, brought his professional background and qualifications in the field to the table along with a carefully designed curriculum to provide participating executives with a valuable learning opportunity. Used. To effectively enhance their capacity to deal with cyber crime.

participants in last week's program

The valedictory function was held on Thursday afternoon, March 28, 2024, at the Police Training Academy, where the participants were appreciated for their efforts.

Taiwan's Ambassador to St. Lucia, His Excellency Peter Chia-Yen Chen, said the training program follows a proposal by the RSLPF two months ago to include cryptocurrency identification as a top priority. He also said that the recent training is part of the ongoing support from the Taiwanese Embassy to provide training to local police officers in specific areas.

“Over the past year, Taiwan has provided police with training opportunities in cybersecurity, humanitarian rescue, leadership, and intelligence,” Ambassador Chen said in his remarks at the ceremony. “In 2024, Commissioner Pelius and I presented certificates to six officers of the Royal Saint Lucia Police who completed the Basic Mandarin Programme. Taiwan also conducted a 6-hour virtual training for drone pilots last week. These initiatives not only mark Taiwan's support for Saint Lucia's efforts in public safety, but also highlight the solid partnership between our two countries.

Ambassador Chen thanked Commissioner Crusita Descartes-Pelius and her team for their unwavering support, which resulted in the successful training program. He also congratulated Norbert on his recent appointment as Minister of Crime Prevention and Persons with Disabilities and promised to work with Norbert on his new responsibilities as a Minister.

L-R: Jeremiah Norbert, Minister of Crime Prevention and Persons with Disabilities;  Crusita Descartes-Pelius, Police Commissioner;  and His Excellency Peter Chia-yen Chen, Ambassador of Taiwan to St. Lucia at the certification ceremony
L-R: Jeremiah Norbert, Minister of Crime Prevention and Persons with Disabilities; Crusita Descartes-Pelius, Police Commissioner; and His Excellency Peter Chia-yen Chen, Ambassador of Taiwan to St. Lucia at the certification ceremony

“Today's closing ceremony is not the end of our learning; Instead it initiated more visits for cooperation,” Ambassador Chen assured. “Taiwan will continue to work with the Government of Saint Lucia on the empowerment of law enforcement officers to address further challenges.”

The Commissioner said that the police force is committed to imparting the necessary knowledge to police officers to perform their duties effectively, thereby ensuring civilian safety.

“This is something we have to teach all of our officers, as many people as possible,” he said. “This is not just for the workplace, but also for your personal life. In return, you can teach your families. Educate people about cyber crime and cryptocurrency.”

Commissioner Descartes-Pelius thanked Ambassador Chen for his continued support to the police force. She also said that she would advocate setting up a cyber lab for the police force.

Minister Norbert encouraged the participants to share the knowledge gained with their colleagues. He said that there are many benefits of investing in the police force.

“It not only enhances individual skills and capabilities, but also fosters innovation, boosts morale and ultimately drives organizational success,” he said.

“Ultimately, this will drive the success of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Therefore, it is gratifying to know that our Government prioritizes investment in the police force, recognizing the vital role it plays in ensuring the safety of all Saint Lucians.

Meanwhile, one of the participants, CPL 436 Glen Charlery, said that the course has enhanced the participants' understanding of digital crime and financial technologies.

“This knowledge will empower us as members of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force to better combat cyber crimes and navigate the complexities of cryptocurrency-related investigations,” said Cpl Charlier. “The course equipped us with advanced techniques and strategies to detect, investigate and prosecute cyber criminals, increasing our effectiveness in combating digital threats.”

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