Fitness instructor Courtney Black gives her top tips for staying fit


How fitness instructor Courtney Black is reshaping the fitness industry through her personal journey.

The first 30 minutes of your day, what does your morning routine look like?

I wake up very early, sometime before 5 am. I love waking up before anyone else starts their day and making the most of my morning. I find great peace in knowing that I can film my workout, drink coffee, plan my day and have no interruptions.

How did you get into personal training?

I first went to my personal training course to learn how to lose excess weight. This was at the height of my eating disorder. I struggled in my relationship with food for many years and used fitness as punishment. Giving my body less nutrition and constantly looking at fitness as a way to make do with any food I ate. I lost my spark, my personality and my joy in life. I knew I needed to make a change and when I started studying fitness and nutrition, I realized how little I knew. I wanted to be the best version of myself and help women become the best versions of themselves too.

What makes your program different from all the other programs?

I focus on staying fit and feeling my best. I feel happy and healthy with you every step of the way. I focus on a personalized approach to fitness and my app allows me to train in real time with my clients and makes One-Tone personal training more affordable and easily accessible with a focus on home workouts. , making workouts easily accessible and sustainable. Busy working women, mothers, people who have gym concerns and people who don't want to pay for a gym membership. I change people's lives not only by the way they look but also by the way they feel. He loves fitness and looks forward to his workouts.

What advice would you give to women who have difficulty following diet/exercise because they're always on the go or because they lead such busy lives?

That's exactly why I created my app. The workouts are quick, effective and will transform your body, but they're also very easily accessible. We don't need to make fitness more complicated. Planning your week is extremely important and also prioritizing time for your workouts. Sometimes things will come up and change but it is very helpful to have a solid plan. Nutrition is simple when you plan ahead of time, prepare meals or keep your favorite healthy deliveries on hand when you're not able to cook. Choose meals that you know will help you achieve your fitness goals, but will also give you energy, make you productive at work, and make you glow from within!

How important do you think diet or exercise is in changing your body?

Your workout is a small percentage of your day. It's what you do during that workout that matters most. If you push yourself during your workouts, but you're not mustering the energy around them, you won't recover as quickly and won't be able to perform at your best. If you're not eating well and prioritizing high protein, high fiber and healthy fats you won't feel good and look good. You need whole food and spiritual food. Eating a healthy diet also means eating a balanced diet, so it's important to make room for foods that also make you happy.

“For me, abundant health and happiness are important for living a good quality life. It will make you more productive, more energetic, and more open to trying new things.”

Your fitness app Courtney Black includes everything from homework workouts to healthy recipes – where do you get your inspiration?

I've always loved creating new workouts that people will enjoy. Making fitness fun has always been a passion of mine so thinking of new workouts and filming them for my app is very rewarding for me. Seeing incredible life changes is a bonus. I listen to my audience, I listen to what they want from their workout, what they enjoy and how they want to feel and I work from there. I take inspiration from my subscribers and followers and create my workouts from there. Food has always been a huge passion of mine, I love finding ways to make healthy food super delicious. It's really easy to do and that's why I post recipes on my Instagram and my app.

Cardio or strength training – what do you think is more important?

Both are important for different reasons. Cardio keeps us fit, keeps our heart healthy and gives us endorphins that make us feel good. For best results cardio should be done along with strength training. Even if your goal is not to lose weight, cardio is very beneficial for our health (it can also be walking). Strength training is what shapes our bodies. To have a slim body, it is necessary to have muscles. Women are sometimes afraid of lifting weights because they are afraid of being heavy but in reality this is what gives them a toned look. My transformational method of training incorporates strength and conditioning to create a healthy and strong body, a strong core and a transformed physique.

What is your own personal approach to health and fitness?

I like to push myself out of my comfort zone. What doesn't challenge you doesn't change you. You will never make progress in your fitness journey if you are not willing to be uncomfortable. Change is always uncomfortable. This is also very beneficial.

This is the abundance issue – how do you focus on an abundance mindset?

You can never have enough health. You can never be too healthy. You are never able to pay enough attention to your health and mentality. For me, abundant health and happiness are important for living a good quality life. It will make you more productive, more energetic, and more open to trying new things. Having the mindset of always feeling your best is a winning mindset.

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