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Ahmedabad: A consumer commission gave an order Insurance company To pay 75% of claim on non-standard basis motor accident Death because the insured did not have a valid driving license.
According to case details, Chandrakant Sinha died in a road accident while riding a two-wheeler in the Raipur area of ​​the city in March 2019. He was covered under a 'Motorized Two-Wheeler Package Policy' of Rs 15 lakh by United India. Insurance Company Limited was sued by his family after his death. insurance paymentBut the company rejected the claim saying it was Sinha's driving license Was not valid on the date of the accident.
The family sued the insurer Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Ahmedabad (City), with the help of Mukesh Parikh of Consumer Protection and Action Committee. He said Sinha had a valid driving license for a light motor vehicle. He had a two-wheeler driving license for 20 years, but it had expired. He had applied to the RTO for renewal in February 2019, but due to the RTO server being down, his two-wheeler license was renewed after 40 days. Meanwhile an accident happened. The claim was sought to be considered on a non-standard basis as the insurer had raised the issue of breach of policy terms. The Commission agreed with the submissions and said, “The rival insurer is liable to compensate the owner of the vehicle, and if there was a breach of the condition, the rival insurer should have settled the claim on a non-standard basis, but “This could not have negated the genuine claim of the complainants.” The commission ordered the insurer to pay Rs 11.25 lakh to the family, 75% of the claim along with 8% interest on a non-standard basis. The insurer has also been ordered to pay an additional Rs 15,000 to the family.

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