Amid Dragon’s Dogma 2 Dragonsplague panic, Capcom’s social media manager shows they’ve got no chill

What you need to know

  • Since the launch of Dragon Dogma 2 late last week, players have begun to encounter the unique Dragonsplague mechanic. This in-game disease can infect pawns and eventually turn them into shadow dragons that kill every NPC in a town or city.
  • There are signs to recognize dragonsplague and ways to deal with it, although they can be a bit vague. Overall, the game's community is currently largely freaking out about Dragonsplague.
  • Earlier Tuesday, the social media manager of Capcom's game's official blowing up.
  • Fan reactions to the post range from angry to amused, but most people are laughing at the fact that there is no chill in the poster.

Since its launch last week, more and more players have continued to dive into Capcom's open-world ARPG Dragon's Dogma 2 – and that means more and more of them are discovering one of its worst mechanics. Are: Dragonsplague. This unique disease in the game specifically infects pawn companions and eventually transforms them into shadowy dragons, resulting in devastating disasters capable of wiping out entire towns and cities.

There are several ways to recognize and deal with the disease – check out my complete dragonsplague guide for what you need to know – but its symptoms are quite subtle, and its “nukes” trigger when you sleep in an inn or house. However, Dragon's Dogma 2's one-save system prevents you from save scamming to avoid consequences. Fortunately, NPCs who run shops or are involved with main story quests reactivate in most cases about a week after a disaster occurs, although you may have to use Wakestone revival consumables on less important characters. .

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