Social media users trust brands over influencers on finance, apparel, skincare

Key figures: According to an October study from Snap Inc. and IPG Magna, social media users in select countries (US, UK, Australia, France and Saudi Arabia) are more likely to trust brands than influencers in terms of finance, apparel and skin care. . Finance is where this trend is most evident.

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  • despite getting a lot of them Financial advice from TikTokGen Z is very cautious in this matter Choosing a Financial Product, Influencers in this industry need to show some kind of authority to win trust.
  • Brand-Let Maker Community It is a pleasant means of gaining consumer trust. These communities, in which select creators are supported by brands, can win points from both those who trust brands more and those who trust creators more.

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Methodology: Data is from a February 2024 Snap Inc. and IPG Magna report titled “Unleashing Influence: A Marketer's Guide to Influencer Success.” A sample of 5,214 weekly social media users aged 16 to 49 in Australia (n=1,022), France (n=1,005), Saudi Arabia (n=1,005), the UK (n=1,003), and the US (n=1,179) Survey was conducted. Online during September-October 2023.

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