Toggle AI acquires Atom Finance to strengthen investment platform
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Toggle AI acquires Atom Finance to strengthen investment platform

Toggle AI says it is acquiring financial data/analytics platform nuclear finance,

The company, which provides artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for investing to hedge funds, banks and brokerages. deal announced In a news release on Wednesday (May 15). No financial terms were released.

“Atom Finance is a top provider of frontend infrastructure for banks, brokerages, wealth managers and fintechs,” the release said. “The acquisition will enable Toggle AI to enhance its offering by incorporating the robust features of Atom Finance, expanding its data universe and providing users with an even more comprehensive investment experience.”

Research from PYMNTS Intelligence has shown that generative AI is the latest in a long series of technologies that are transforming the finance and banking sectors.

According to PYMNTS Intelligence, applications of this technology in the financial sector include everything from enhancing consumer interactions to refining risk assessment models. ,Banking on AI: The financial services sector uses generative AI for security and service,

The same was found in that report also 83% professional Experts in the financial sector believe that their institution is interested in employing generic AI.

Apart from serving as a tool to meet the growing demand for personalized customer services, applications of the technology also include important areas such as environmental, social and governance (ESG) and anti-money laundering (AML) initiatives, PYMNTS said. Wrote.

Elsewhere on the AI ​​front, PYMNTS on Wednesday explored how Recent Product Announcements From Google And OpenAI Explain how “AI solutions are being incorporated into business processes and software as big tech turns to the B2B sector as its next addressable market.”

As stated in that report, the tech giant prefers MicrosoftGoogle and Amazon Are just as valuable They are like this because they have created a huge ecosystem of products and services. Expanding these ecosystems into the B2B space allows them to extract even more value from old customers while attracting new ones.

“Computers can now behave like humans. They can express, they can write and communicate like a human being.” Beerud ShethCEO of Conversational AI Platform Gupshup, told PYMNTS. “No one ever thought that a bulldozer could behave like humans, fire or any prior invention throughout history. AI has animated society in a way no other technology has done before.

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