'No one cares about this!'
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'No one cares about this!'

Photo: Dakota Fanning on social media: 'Nobody cares about this!'

Dakota Fanning recently talked about a new experience.

According to the findings of film newsThe 30-year-old actress reflected on how the trajectory of her career might have been different if she hadn't started out as a child actor.

talking with Porter In an interview, the former child actor said, “It's a different experience.”

He also said, “I hate to limit it to social media, but it's the biggest social gap – and I think we're still figuring out how to use it properly.”

Dakota even admitted, “I'm grateful I don't have to deal with this; There was already a lot going on there.”

The actress who plays Marge Sherwood in Netflix thriller series seenalso established, “I try to use it in a fun way and not take myself too seriously. I share a lot to bring out my personality, but I also want everyone to know that That's not what my bedroom looks like.”

“Do you know what I mean? The amount of stuff I'm going to post and then I'll be like, 'Nobody cares!'” she commented before jumping into a new discussion.

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